Family Violence


The recent  study shows that the family violence  in Australia is largely underreported .

There is quite few  resons for that but one is  the fact that reporting violence  can carry  negative social stigma which often lasts  many years after the violence stops and the victim is no longer exposed to the perpetrator .

Another is the feeling of shame where the victim is simply too embarrassed to admit that she/he  is a victim of physical abuse  and stays with the  violent person under one roof .

According to findings the number of females who abuse their male partners had risen substantially  too. 

The male as we know is much less inclined to report such cases  or admitting it to his family or friends due to  pride factor  , therefore the abuse men by females  may have been also substantially underreported for years . .

In other words the long established thought of the perpetrator as the wife-beater is no longer applicable . Abuse is very damaging physically and emotionally . It makes no difference if the victim is a female a male or a child .

Many victims develop lifelong emotional scars .

Some  even  blame themselves for the abuse because the brain has to find some logical justification for thier suffering

Children are the most venerable here  .

Their limited life experience and inability to process large number of complex emotions can only lead to confusion , feeling of abandomnent and anger , which is often expressed in violence towards their own  partners in their later lives

Children often just make things up  if the truth doesn't make snese s they blame themselfves.

In NLC we use CBT to help victims of abuse