Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counselling


As we all know, every addiction requires some kind of attention, especially when it starts to affect our life. To help my clients I use an effective approach based on modern psychology and recent research which creates lasting change, but only when the client follows a few simple guidelines. It is rational, simple and based on common sense treatment which I have tested many times over. 


Beating the addiction doesn’t always require many years of counselling, nor spending tens of thousands of dollars for rehab. The most important factors are the client’s recognition of the problem itself, their own motivation and determination to stop.


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I teach my clients how to beat the addiction and then how to stay clean.


In most cases the addiction is created because we want to alter our emotional state. Even substances such as sugar, chocolate, nicotine or caffeine if overconsumed will produce physical or psychological change and long term health problems if not addressed in time. Drug or alcohol addictions however have one common denominator – the reason for which we consume those substances over and over.


Because all addictions originate in the mind, it makes perfect sense to address the right area of the mind to overcome with them. As an example: If we want to lose unwanted weight, we should start regular exercise and diet, right? Talking about exercise and diet with friends, dieticians, personal trainers or even psychologists will surely make us feel better, but will do absolutely nothing for our body. There’s no magic formula or self talk which will make us look good and fit in front of the mirror. 


In order to look fit we have to get physically fit. We simply have to work for it. We have to alter our behaviour and change some daily routines, eliminate certain thoughts, some damaging habits and the wrong diet. Only then we will produce the lasting result we want.


Alcohol, cannabis and other such substances create strong neuron pathways in our brain which when activated make us feel better or numb. In this process a chemical called dopamine is released producing feeling of pleasure or bliss which becomes the source of addiction before we know it. The other effects of ingesting those toxins can be insomnia, sadness, anger or feeling helpless but those are merely symptoms and not the source of the problem.


Today the most common reason why we self medicate is due to stress and its psychobiological effect on our body and mind. The problem to address here seems to be not the substances or symptoms but the reasons why we use it and why we abuse it.


At New Life Counselling I help those who recognise that the problem exists and want to stop the addiction for good. Get in touch now for effective counselling for drug and alcohol addiction in Melbourne.